Turning Away From Religion: The Fig Tree

Okay, that fucking fig tree thing.

Why is that even a story in the Bible?

No, seriously, what fucking point does it prove? Don't piss Jesus off or he will smite your ass into barrenness on the off-day that you just so happen to not have what he wants when he's feeling peckish?

I think Jesus was a nifty man and all evidence that proves his existance also proves that he was worthy of following.

But, the guys who edited the Bible and all - why would they pick this story? It makes no sense. It's fanciful. Jesus was being a careless asshole.



  1. It's an odd story, seeing that Jesus had the power to summon fish and wine out of nowhere, and even bring the people back from the dead, he can't even get a fig tree to bear fruit.

    I'm really not sure what the moral of the story is. If he can't make the fig tree grow fruit, he could've at least said, "Oh well, I can't summon divine powers for *everything*". But instead he got a little grumpy and unreasonable. Is there a follow-up to the story where Jesus realised how powerful he was and might've expressed regret?

  2. I don't think there IS a follow-up, which is why this particular story is so darn baffling.


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