Lateisha Green

I am aware of Lateisha Green.

I know she is a transgender WoC. To be specific, she is a black WoC, which identifies her difference from Angie Zapata - Lateisha Green is - was, though it makes me weep to correct myself - darker-skinned.

But unlike the Zapata case, the media hasn't been following this case.

The trial of Dwight Delee has been moved to mid-July, when it was originally slated for June 11.

However, still not a peep from the media on the case. Not even close to the amount of coverage for Angie Zapata, which, in itself, was still not enough. And now there is even less attention.

This is not right.

I don't really have much else to say, except that I am aware of Lateisha Green, that she existed, that she died, and that the public at large seems not to notice. I am trying to keep an eye out on newbits on her.

Lateisha Green deserves all the recognition she can get, not because she was black, not because she was transgender, not because she was killed, but because she is part of an overall pattern of us all ignoring the lives of black, transgendered people who are murdered in the dark, without even a whisper of remembrance.

It needs to stop.

h/t Feministe


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