Seven Deadly Sins Remix: Intro

Recently, I went to see the Neptune Pre-Professional Theatre Program's production of The Ash Girl. Cute re-write of the Cinderella story, a bit cliched here and there, a bit corny, a bit contrived, but overall, quite good. There're some bits I disagree with, but the characterizations of the Seven Deadly Sins were interesting - Pridefly had great lines, Angerbird, Slothworm, Gluttontoad, Greedmonkey, Envysnake were the first introduced to us. Lust was busy goading a man on in the woods. Sadness was also personified.

These are ills which are characterized as preying on human beings in most literature, goading them on to do stupid things, basically. And like anything and everything else, all these things are awful to have in excess.

But are they inherently bad in themselves?

They can be, assuming one allows them to take control. However, if we assume that most people are generally self-aware, intelligent human beings who can control themselves, then it's altogether possible that these ill impulses can be used as motivation to become better people.

I read this in a Cleo magazine when I was much younger (and still reading women's magazines) and it just made sense to me. I even took that advice and it's worked for me so far.

So I'll be working on a series twisting the "seven sins" around to show how normal people can actually take them and make it work for them rather than be controlled and go crazy. Maybe it'll work for you. Maybe it won't. But I get mad at these personifications because, I think, to fear these seven things is so typical of patriarchal controls which exist to prevent the proles from getting out from under the master's thumb.


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