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Upcoming SHOWS! Voices from the Kitchen and Writers with Drinks!

I don't often get to do readings, and rarely still performances of my own writing, so I'm really excited to announce I've got two shows coming up in November and December!
F&B: Voices from the Kitchen Date: November 8
Time: 6pm - 8.30pm
Venue: Brava Theater  2781 24th Street  San Francisco, CA
F&B: Voices from the Kitchen is a twice-yearly storytelling showcase hosted by La Cocina SF, a non-profit incubator that supports women of color in entrepreneurial endeavors within the food and beverage industry. Each show has a different theme, and November's theme is "Matriarchy," which is of course my jam! My jam on my bread and butter, my crumpet and scone! I wrote a piece specially for this event, so here's hoping people like it ^^ 
Writers With Drinks Date: December 8 Time: 7.30pm - 8.30pm Venue: The Make Out Room  3225 22nd St., San Francisco CA
Writers With Drinks is the brainchild of Charlie Jane Anders, who very kindly invited me to read at her long-ru…

New fiction! "Magic Potion Behind-the-Mountains"

I'm proud to announce that I'm part of Beneath Ceaseless Skies' Tenth Anniversary Special Issue
My story, "Magic Potion Behind-the-Mountain," takes place in a setting that I dreamed up during a bout of dengue fever that a mosquito gave me sometime in 2014. I'd gone home for a high school friend's wedding, was feeling a little ill when I got home, and then had a full-blown fever the next day. Whenever I'm sick with a fever, I mostly just stay in bed and drink a lot of warm water, all though the day and night. And, well, the water goes right through you. But you have to drink it! Hydration is important when you are sick.
I wasn't sure if it was dengue, since I tend to get a violent fever once a year or so, but since it was in late December, which is mosquito season, there was a chance that it was. Dengue fever tends to run its course in two weeks. It's referred to as "breakbone fever" because that's what it feels like when you&#…