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"Liminal Grid" On Best SF Reading Recs List!

Neil Clarke, publisher of Clarkesworld, is editor of the Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume One from Night Shade Books this year. He selected a range to be published in the anthology, and since it apparently doesn't encompass everything he wanted, he also has a recommended reading list for best science fiction of 2015. "Liminal Grid" is on that list!

Hidden Youth, Hidden Histories, and Names

And I'm in it!

Lim Jia was raised by the local monks, and has the ability to see the spirits of the departed. Jia joins the Chinese Commission to Cuba as a clerk to search for a long-lost brother, and finds many others long lost in the process.

New poem!

I'm pleased to announce that I'm in recompose magazine #1: tropospheric scofflaw! And very very honoured that my poem, "Sweetness and Light," opens the magazine to a set of very interesting flash fiction!
"Sweetness and Light" began with an idea of the very first two lines: "when she speaks, sweetness and light spill forth / literally." What would that be like, to live like that? Combined with rape culture and the entitlement of society towards young women's bodies and time, I decided to explore what would happen if boundaries were crossed too often for a person who lived with this phenomenon.