Seven Deadly Sins Remix: Greed Edition

What's wrong with having more than one needs?

No, really.

Or even, wanting more than what is given?

Wanting our fair share is pretty natural, especially in our current world where we place so much status on having, and having recognition, having authourity, having representation is so fraught with debates - who deserves the spotlight? Who deserves the credit?

Really, the only justification I can think of to cite greed (the desire for more) as an ill is because if you're a person in power and you have a people who want as much as you have, then you have to share what you have.

(Because obviously wealth, power, and awesome shiny stuff is finite, like love and rights, so if you've got some, you've got to hoard it the best you can, or else, if someone else gets a bit, you will inevitably feel some kickback.)

I mean, crap, there's a lot in the world to share. Right? And... what we don't have enough of, we just build more. We can do that, last I checked. It just takes a bit of hard work, a bit of un-learning and re-learning, it takes a bit of awareness.

And it just takes a bit of expecting more.


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