I Write: Sex Scenes Edition

So right now I'm writing some Girl Genius fanfiction, because I am a nerd and like all good writerly nerds, I do the fanfiction thing. My fandoms have been, in order of the writing: FF VII (particularly the AeriSeph ship), Labyrinth, and a cross-over Harry Dresden / Hermione Granger ship I invented.

And like most people who write, particularly that subset of people who write love stories, I also like to write sex scenes. Some of them range from the particularly romantic to the particularly risque.

Whenever I write a sex scene, they're often between two people who know what they're doing, or at least, one of them knows what they're doing. (I don't like writing the whole seduction thing where one of them is seriously at a loss and can't participate properly. Just seems hokey to write.)

However, with this particular scene, I am in a quandry, because I just realized I wrote two characters who had no idea what they're doing.

So I'm stuck here, staring at the screen, thinking Now what? How to proceed from here? It's not like they're not hankering for each other badly, they are, but they don't know what to do. I'm surmising at some point they'll figure it out, but I don't know how to write that out without sacrificing some good plot-moving time. Does that even matter? Do sex scenes need to move the plot, or are they just gratuitous interludes wherein the characters get it on?

They're certainly getting started, but it's now occurred to me that I don't really have any reference to what I know in order to write this scene smoothly. Or maybe two-virgin-sex doesn't go smoothly at all. I don't know how that works, I never made out in high school. How did these two crazy kids get this far in life without making out with someone else?

What gives, gentle readers?


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