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Appearance: "Science Fiction is For Everyone" Panel

I'll be on a panel to discuss science fiction and multiculturalism next week! Here are the details:
Science Fiction For Everyone: A Multicultural Discussion
Date: April 25, 2017 Time: 2.30pm Venue: Tech 110, Los Angeles Harbor College Moderator: Denise Dumars Panelists: Steven Barnes, SF writer, NAACP award-winner Bryan Thao Worra, Laotian-American writer and president of Science Fiction Poetry Association Gregg Castro, Salinan-Ohlone activist and SF consultant Michael Paul Gonzalez, Dread State co-editor Stephanie Brown, Mills MFA, Clarion 2010 grad
This event is hosted by the Cultural Equity Workshop of the LAHC! I'll have copies of The Sea Is Ours for sale, and should be able to spend some time signing. 
(I'll also be at the campus early-ish, since the kind hostess arranged a ride from Riverside for me. If anybody wants to say hi earlier, take me to a place with good eats, or a quiet place to work, that would be appreciated!)

Poetry: "The Golden Babbler"

Listen! Listen! The shining golden sea
glitters in the far distance; follow the brook
down to where it meets the river rushing
to its ultimate destiny.
If you get lost, listen! listen! to its
gurgling, its warbling, like a thousand
yellow-feathered orioles,
leading you back to its journey.
Greet its rocks washed by its
watery sunshine, and
where it is shallow, watch
the pebbles pushed along,
liquid and solid rubbing
against each other to form
smooth gemstones that clink
downstream in a senseless choir.
Listen! Listen! The golden river runs!