Seven Deadly Sins Remix: Anger Edition

So it takes quite a bit to actually get me really pissed off. Like, rage-inducing sort of pissed off. I don't think I was like this when I was younger and I can't remember the last time I went into a blind rage.

But there have been times when I do get impatient, and angry, and mad, and someone has always been there to tell me, "don't get mad, let it go, this isn't worth your energy."

Since then, I've picked my battles wisely, and Wrath, like the other deadly sins, has helped me.

It is anger which drives me to seek solutions and better ways of progressing. It is anger which demands that I do not settle for a world which is less-than, that I do not settle for anything less than I ask. It is the anger in me which I will credit the incredible lack of bullshit in my life, because anger lends me the strength to simpy cut that shit out.

There are plenty of reasons why wrath is a vice - with it, people get violent, taking out their frustrations on others. Wrath at a wounded ego is behind many of the actions which lead to hurting others. Wrath is a tool of the patriarchy - cower in the face of the Patriarch's wrath because he will almost certainly kill you then, and don't do anything to provoke it. That's pointless, stupid, and evil.

That is not the kind of anger I'm talking about.

There are things worth getting angry about, to give us that adrenaline rush, that little push, towards taking a great stride and making a stand to make the world a slightly better place.

I am angry everytime I read a news piece concerning the violation of human rights. I am angry everytime I read an article which condemns others for being who they are without hurting anybody else. I am angry everytime I think about the hurt that keeps going on and on in the world, and sometimes, I am angry because I know I am helpless to do anything.

It's a kind of anger that leads to a contempt for the horrible things we see on a daily basis and yet are unable to do anything, which leads us to write letters to the editor, make changes in our lives, lobby government buildings, talk to people about our grievances on the off-chance someone understands and knows what to do in response.

Not everyone can get a hold of their anger and channel it into something productive, but it's a worthwhile thing to at least attempt. In an age where resignation and despair are used to break our spirits, anger is the brief flash that we can use to straighten our backs, even just for a while.


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