Seven Deadly Sins Remix: Lust Edition

So this should totally be obvious.

If I had to identify my brand of feminism, it would be sex-positive. Sex is, whenever I get it, pretty good. Not always great but not always bad.

I have often found myself struck by how downplayed sexual desire is, especially if it is female. I understand why we would downplay male sexual desire - it's not exactly the sort of thing we want to hear about on the street.

But Heather Corinna's idea about what "get lucky" should mean - two people desiring each other, wanting each other, wanting to get into the other's pants so much, when they finally get together into one big sweaty mess, it's....


That would indeed be getting lucky.

Certainly any feminist past their 101 would know the reasons for suppressing women's sexuality: by denying us our sexuality, it stops being our own, and it's for our husbands to do as they please, and besides, sexuality is evil and awful anyway, for... uh, no one could actually define why, but it just was! And still is, in some circles.

We should reclaim lust. That shaky, sweaty feel of really wanting someone and hoping they want us back, and the culmination of that desire.

We should get lucky.


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