Let Your Girlfriend Take Nekkid Pictures Of You

My friend Tariq tried to show me this blog post at work and I didn't click it, because the latter part of the URL was "let-your-boyfriend-take-nekkid.html" or something similar and I knew what the gist of it was: some dewdly d00d telling wimmenz that they should let their boyfriends take naked pictures of them, because that is what good, sporting girlfriends do, dammit.

Putting aside the notion that this usually ends up in ill hands, particularly spread around as a form of revenge or just for kicks by said boyfriends, and putting aside that this is only another exhortation from some male to women at large to further cater to male interests, and putting aside the fact that pornography already exists, I asked my friend, so, does he advocate the opposite as well?

To which Tariq replied, with great regret on his side, I'm sure, for the iniquity of his sex, that no, said blogger is just generally blaming women. Although for what reasons, I cannot fathom! Nor did I bother checking out the link to see what he had to say, because it was sure to be remarkably self-centered and insensitive to my most delicate sensibilities.

I quickly composed this reply:

"Dear Sir, your douchebaggery in maintaining that only girlfriends should bear the onus of having their naked pictures taken by boyfriends is puerile and juvenile at best. Should you wish to maintain any form of domestic felicity, it is clear that the opposite should occur first - that girlfriends should take pictures of their naked boyfriends, particularly in light of the prevailing gender inequity in pornographic material."

I also wish to add that any man who denies his girlfriend the opportunity to take such intimate snapshots could not possibly be particularly invested in the relationship, and I encourage my fellow women to divest themselves of such deadweight immediately if said man wishes naked pictures of herself.

The quid pro quo inherent in such a proposal should be obvious to all, and I cannot understand how such a glaring solution to the problem of getting your girlfriend's naked pictures is so difficult for many such men to comprehend.

Perhaps they should be sent back to school until they have learnt Basic Logic 101.


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