100 Posts!

Yes, folks, this is the Acting Out Edition's 100th post! Woo! *hands out party hats*

I've decided to give blog-writing a rest for a bit. Ay-Leen and I will be co-authouring an essay on steampunk and I have a novel to write. However!

The Acting Out Edition will bust back with the
3rd Asian Women Blog Carnival!
Do contribute, it will be great to hear voices from all corners of the Asian women diaspora.

If you need to get a hold of me otherwise, you can:
  • message me on MSN: catts_o_catti(@)hotmail.com
  • e-mail me: jhameia.goh(@)gmail.com
  • follow me on Twitter: jhameia
  • check out my LJ (especially my Sunday Linkfests!) or MySpace or ModelMayhem. I can also be found on the Steampunk and She Writes Nings.
So, see you in August, folks!


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