Rick Rolling Is A Joyful, Joyful Thing

Until last November, I did not know what Rick Rolling is. I knew who Rick Astley was, certainly. I knew his signature song, "Never Gonna Give You Up".

I came across the concept of Rick Rolling a little after NaNoWriMo '08, when I was leading my merry crew of NaNo-ers back to my house for a TGIO party. It started with a couple of us singing "Gay Or European?" and then went to the whole group singing "Bohemian Rhapsody", and someone started singing Rick Astley, and one of us said, "OH NO I'M NOT GONNA GET RICK ROLLED."

Recently, I came across this clip:

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this picture.

Nothing. There is no coercion involved. There is no violation. There is some little resistance. But it all eventually breaks out into a joyful chorus of song. It's like pushing someone to do the right thing which will result in excellent benefits for all.


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