Puppy =! Pregnant Belly

So today I saw a tiny little puppy being walked by its owner and I had to stop and gush over it. She was only 6 pounds! I picked her up to go all woogie-woogie in its face (and also to really convince myself how light she was and that she was really a dog). As I did, I noted the owner pulling on the chain, and in a bit he'd picked the dog from my hands and put her back down on the ground, tossing a biscuit to encourage her to run.

Later, I thought to myself, maybe I shouldn't have done that. It's not my dog, so I shouldn't be picking dogs up and down like that. It sort of reminded me of some people's propensity to exclaim over a pregnant woman's belly and be all like "can I touch it??" (and sometimes they don't even ask. And, well, no, you don't get to touch it without asking first - that belly belongs to the woman, it's not public property! Why the hell should you get to put your hands on someone else's body, just because they're pregnant?

Does that rule apply to puppies, though?

Difficult questions...


  1. Eeek! It's kinda like the pregnant woman thing but with the added fear potential of you stealing the baby.

    Definitely ask next time because some people might respond very angrily but also you could ruin the dogs training or get your face bitten.

  2. Hmmm... I rarely consider the training aspect of dogs. I guess because all my dogs have been all insane and hateful towards strangers without training. Good point!


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