How Things Have Changed

We've come a long way: it used to be that men were the beings of higher reason, and women were animals. Hundreds of years we were told this, and men carved spaces for themselves in places of power where women were not allowed to reach. If a woman did, she was beaten down by those above, clawed at by those below, and to further punish her, stripped of what little dignity was afforded to her.

And now, when we ask for men to be accountable for their actions, men claim that women are the pretty perfect beings that must be protected, and men simply cannot help their nature to be beasts that would destroy a woman's precious [whatever it is] given half a chance.

If men are so damned dangerous, why are they even allowed to walk the streets? Why sequester women and tell them to take all sorts of precautions in their daily lives that men are never asked to take? Why don't we just make life safer for these precious precious women and just lock men up?

No wait... that would be making too much sense.


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