"Instead Of Eating Just ONE Hamburger, You Can Eat - Two!"

That was a quote from Megarace, during a bonus prize sequence in which the prize is.... "an extra pair of arms!"

It did occur to me back then just how awesome having extra appendages would be. For example, Davy Jones of Pirates of the Caribbean does amazing things with his extra appendages:

I won't lie: whereas a lot of my peers that I've spoken to think Davy Jones is awesome because he's just so damn charistmatic, my interest in him is a lot less, uh, prosaic. My BFF and I would look at the fingers of boys of interest, and agree that "he has nice hands". I don't know what she was thinking, but I know what I was thinking, and the piano-playing was just a bonus.

The "tentacle rape" genre is obnoxious most of the time, purely because of the way the female characters are depicted (in that genre and pretty much any other genre in which women are objects without sexual agency, therefore any sexual encounter will inevitably end up with pain for said females). Perhaps I'm not looking hard enough, but seriously, there must be such erotica available for the Female Gaze.

It really is too bad that Davy Jones only used his appendages to kill, but it's no different from the tragedy that many of us have tools that could be used for such great good, but instead use it for pain.

What're you using your hands for?


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