Steampunking: Charitable Practicality!

I have been pointed out to this amazing technology called "Adaptive Eyewear" which aims to provide corrective lenses to as many people as possible, especially in the African countries where over a billion people live without perfect vision.

Having worn glasses since I was 9, I cannot imagine what life would be like without my glasses (though I wear contact lenses for modeling and acting), and everytime I wear my glasses, it is a sign of my privilege that I can afford to have perfect vision. Hell, I even get to nitpick over my frames.

The glasses work by way of fluid-filled lenses, which can be adjusted by the turn of a dial! Users adjusted the amount of fluid in the lenses, which changes the shape of the lenses until the user can see properly, then the adjuster is taken off. If that's not steampunked, what is? Adaptive Eyewear is a non-profit organization dedicated to making these glasses available at low cost (10 pounds / 15 dollars a pair!). Not only that, but these glasses are made so low-cost specifically for these 1 billion people on the developing world to be able to see clearly.

This means they can read, write, and therefore learn, in order to better their lives!

Here is a video that talks about how these glasses improve lives in Ghana:

We steampunks likely are very blessed, being able to buy brass buttons, and goggles (which may or may not even have prescription lenses), and snappy clothing. If you can, spare a few dollars to Adaptive Eyewear so others, too, can see the world as it is!

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