Quick Observation

I was reading the New Strait Times article on the sexuality survey done by University Malaya and mostly skimmed it at first, since there was a graphic with tables and stats.

My first thought was, "those kids pictured on there are white." Did I miss a memo stating that the default stock Malaysian is white? Or do we simply not have stock pictures of young, healthy Malaysian teens? Or do we not give a shit that we, too, default to white as representative of a population at large?

I give the article kudos for fairly neutral reporting, although I'm quite sure there will be some hysteria over the fact that out of 2005 girls, around 100 are having sex, and that since the mean age of marriage is now higher, it means many more years of premarital sex. Being well aware of the values back home, unless they have changed, there will definitely be some hand-wringing over this.

I must admit, though, the sight of Datuk Aminah Abdul Rahman's face cheers me: a woman leader!

And, "female youths" FTW. I'm not sure why, but I like the phrase.

h/t cycads


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