Dusting off Ye Olde Blog

I've been percolating with a lot of thoughts lately that just don't seem to fit on Tumblr or Twitter, and which I don't care to put on LiveJournal or Dreamwidth because those are more personal. So, I will be blogging here more regularly! 

Re-reading a lot of these old posts, I cringe at some of the things I've written, how clumsily I wrote them, how wordy I got when less could have been more. But then, I've always been a wordy person--I really like filler words! 

Many things have happened since 2011. My life has taken me so far abroad into a strange exotic land where I feel strangely disassociated, like I cannot believe I truly live here. My health has changed. My priorities have changed. I picked up new hobbies, set down some other ones. I probably should not have started writing this at 11pm, but them's the breaks. 

Have a flash fic from 2010:

"Simply put, you don't want to fuck with Kancil," Sang Buaya said.

She thought this over. "What about Agan Peland-"

"You especially do not want to fuck with Agan Pelanduk. He will turn you inside out. Stay away from all of that family. Bloody tricksters."

She didn't care to bring up the fact that he, as someone who used ambush as a way of hunting, was as much a trickster as either mousedeer.


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