An Acceptance!

The other day, I received news that I had placed third in the Strange Horizons Reader Poll, under the Columns category. I am flanked by Rochita Leonen-Ruiz, in 2nd place, and Cassandra Khaw in 4th place, with the inimitable Genevieve Valentine in the 1st place, and John Clute in 5th. This is passing strange, to me, considering I have contributed only one column there in the past, a reprint of a response. However, it chuffs me to know that I have made an impact, and many dear friends are also listed in the various categories, such as LaShawn Wanak for her short story "21 Steps to Enlightenment (Minus One)," and, well, practically everyone in the Poetry category! I've never seen the like of Bogi's poem before, and still cannot wrap my head around it. And M. Sereno's big splash onto the spec-po scene is to be envied and celebrated. 

Today I have further news: I have sold a poem! This will be my first, and hopefully not the only, acceptance of the year, which is happy news and will hopefully set the tone for the rest of the year, publishing- and writing-wise. I hope to share it with everyone sometime soon! 


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