Metal Cutlery @ KFC

The other day, after a job interview, I went to KFC and had chicken rice. It's mainly two pieces of chicken, a bowl of rice, three slices of cucumber, and a small bowl of soup with a couple of meatballs in it. It was quite delicious, because a) our chicken generally tastes better (I suspect it is due to the halal state of the meat), b) it's been localized, what with the rice and all, and c) you gotta have soup to finish off the meal, you just gotta.

One of the things that's always frustrated me about the Canadian KFC franchise, besides the general disgustingness of the chicken that I will consume anyway (hey, low bars and all), is the lack of metal cutlery. What we get are plastic forks and knives, maybe spoons. And we're supposed to use these on paper plates.

I hate this concept. I hate using plastic cutlery. No, I don't care about your excuses, Canadian KFC. I don't care that it's cheaper, because buying a set amount of metal cutlery that can be re-used over and over again is most likely WAY cheaper than continuously buying plastic cutlery. Not only that, but in the long run, re-using metal cutlery is better for waste and the environment than continuously contributing to plastic waste. We also have re-useable plates. Those are a form of plastic, but they can be washed easily, and re-used. That's the important bit.

I don't care that it's inefficient, either. Plastic cutlery is inefficient. I know that people are expected to clean up after themselves in fast-food restaurants (and I got a bone to pick with your speed too, KFC! And MacDonald's!), but they don't always, and they don't always get the garbage separating thing correct, either. I see a lot of people toss organics into trash, because it's easier to assume everything is trash. Just pay a couple of your already-employed employees to do the job, so they can get it done right! Oh, sure you have to wash metal cutlery, but seriously? How much work does it take to wash up cutlery? Not only that, but if it's so much goddamn effort to wash cutlery, then isn't that good for the economy and some folks that there's one more venue for dishwashing jobs? 

Plus, your stupid plastic cutlery breaks, okay! They just don't do the job right! They're weak, and they're hard to use, so you filthy people just end up using your fingers anyway, and you don't even have a lot of open sinks outside your toilets for use. (We do. We have at least two. One higher, one lower for kids, with soap dispenser and hand-dryer.) I shudder to think about what your kids are learning about hygiene! 

Get your act together, Canadian KFC! Metal cutlery, re-useable plates, and more public sinks!


  1. Metal cutlery at a fast food restaurant = Herpes waiting to happen. If you're that insistent on using metal cutlery, then I suggest you bring your own. Otherwise, enjoy your cold sores.

  2. That's generally why we clean metal cutlery in hot water. We've been using metal cutlery in Malaysia everywhere, for years and years, but cold sores have yet to be a problem for us.

  3. Fast food restaturant = herpes = unsupported evidence. If it were true, I'd be dead by now. I apologise for being confrontational (a possible reason why I have so few friends) but that's just scaremongering. I also think that international restaurant chains don't really want to risk killing customers (immediately) because that's just no good for business.

    I hate plastic cutlery too, and I feel you, Jha. Especially when it involves cutting meat. Actually, cutting meat or not, it just feels rubbish and not sustainable. The number of times I've broken plastic cutlery, and not to mention the many other people who've gone through the same inconvenience adds up to lots of useless plastic waste.

  4. correction:

    metal cutlery at fast food restaurants = herpes = unsupported evidence.

  5. ... we don't even have plastic cutlery (besides the tiny little red teaspoon for potato & gravy and coleslaw) over here in Australia...

    I thought you're supposed to eat KFC with your fingers anyway?

    ... AND you have RICE and SOUP at your KFC???

    and apparently Polish KFCs have mojitos... so not fair lol

  6. Oh! My poor dear! No cutlery?! I mean, some people consider KFC to be finger food, but not everyone uses their hands. Even here in Halifax there're these pub nights called Wing Nights where everyone gets out to eat chicken wings, and those are treated as finger foods, and I still ask for cutlery. Everyone watches me when I do so - apparently, eating chicken with cutlery makes me quite the spectacle!

    And yes! Our localized KFC has a combo set where you get rice and soup! Just like hawker chicken rice stalls! (We also have "hot and spicy" chicken, and tom yam flavoured chicken was once on the menu.)

    Localizing fast food is so fun!


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