Blog for Choice 2010!

Today is NARAL's Blog for Choice Day, and its theme is on Dr. Tiller and on trusting women. 

I never met the man, and I wasn't even aware of what he did until he was killed. What I did know was that sometimes, for whatever reason, wanted babies cannot be carried to full-term. Whether it's due to complications, or danger of the mother's, or the baby was already dead in the womb - late-term abortions don't usually occur for shits and giggles, especially if they happen practically weeks away from the actual birthdate. 

I can't even begin to imagine how devastating that must be, to learn that for whatever reason, I won't be able to carry my baby to full-term, even though I'm almost there. It would be even worse to know it's already dead inside me, and needs to be removed or else I will die. 

But the last thing I would want happen to me is to be told I can't get the safest option possible for a late-term abortion, that I am required to put myself in further danger by doctors who are not trained in the kindest methods possible for the removal of a fetus almost large enough for birth. 

This is what Dr. Tiller provided for women. Even Canadian women went down to his clinic. That's how trusted he was compared to other doctors. 

He was trusted by women because he trusted women themselves. He didn't judge them for their decisions, only provided the service he was trained to provide, and above and beyond - he ensure their comfort, and ensured they received compassion. 

I'm sure on this day a lot of people will be talking about trusting women to make the right choices for themselves. So I'm going to talk about the needed compassion that these women almost never get from the mainstream public, because it's been percolating on my mind.

I was born a wanted child. My parents tried for two years to have me after the birth of my brother. I do not always get along with my mother, and sometimes feel my parents would have been better off without me, or with a different child. This does not erase the fact that my parents purposefully set out to make me, and bring me into this world.

One day, I will bring a wanted child into this world. Or at least, I hope to. I have names for either gender, but zie will get to change it one zie is older, if they so wish. 

If, for any reason, only a few weeks before this wanted child needs to be terminated, needs to be aborted or else I will die, or the child will die / is dead before zie is born and I require a late-term abortion, I would want to submit myself to the hands of a doctor who will ensure the safety of my health, use techniques which are kindest to my body, and provide the compassion I am sure I will need once my body is voided. I want a doctor who will be with me every step of the way, not just professionally, but emotionally.

People need that kind of caring, that kind of loving, that Dr. Tiller provided. People need a good person by their side during a time of such trial. 

And that's what I've got to say on that.


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