Coupledom Propaganda


I like this song. It's from the sequel to Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame (which was completely unfaithful to the original book, but in a good way, I think) in which Quasimodo finds someone to fall in love with, and who falls in love with him.

Now, I like Disney movies. Who doesn't? But you know what I don't like about Disney movies? And a lot of other media, let's be honest.

The fact that it is a given for the heroine to always end up with a hero.

A hero can end up with no one, or guy friends, sure! But if it's a heroine, she's always going to have some love interest with whom her life is deeply intertwined. It's a theme that's been overwrought. Even in Sex and the City we couldn't escape the idea that part of life is finding a good man to settle down with, and that Breaking Up Is A Big Deal.

What happens is we get a whole society of women who think that without men, they have no lives, who are constantly haranguing each other on Why Are You Still Single, and are incomplete, unfulfilled. We get bullshit like Twilight, and every single bloody cheesey romance novel where attraction based on being desirable and looking desirable, works out to be True Love. And further on, the idea that women have to mold themselves to be the perfect submissive wives for men.

I swear, if I have to deal with any "got any boyfriend?" at home, I am going to up and leave the room, or say, "no, thank goodness."


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