Because Children Apparently Never Have Same-Sex Parents

Scholastic has decided not to include Luv Ya Bunches, a story about four girls, because of its language ("geez," "crap," "sucks," and "God") and because one of its characters has lesbian parents.
“Authors are often given the opportunity to make changes in the books to meet the norms of the various communities that host the fairs,” adds Kyle Good, a Scholastic spokeswoman, explaining that the title will, however, be available in the Scholastic Book Club catalog.
Nooooo, really? How very generous, giving authours the opportunity to adjust their books to meet "norms". Because as we know, the normal people must be accommodated and we cannot present them with alternate narratives, even a smidgen of an alternative lifestyle, or else the WORLD WILL EXPLODE, or something.

And how nice that the title will still be available in the catalog, but it's not good enough to included among the books that will be on sale, easily touched and picked up by attendees, simply because there are same-sex parents in it.

No, it's something we must watch to ensure its acceptability to the audience at large, and if it doesn't make a big splash and sell tons, well, clearly it wasn't worthwhile putting up front and selling it in the fair! Well, okay, this hasn't happened yet, but who wants to take bets that it will?


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