Fun With Glow Magazine, November 2009

Hey folks! It's Fun with Glow Magazine, again, in which I flip through Glow magazine to identify just how racially representative the media in the magazine is! I get Glow for free since I spend plenty on my Shoppers Optimum. I actually do love this magazine, but hell if I'm going to not make fun of how whitewashed it is.

And this month, it's a double-doozy since there's a special issue on Montreal's Fashion Week!! So let's get through the main magazine!

COVER: White.
Vichy ad: white
Pantene stuff: white, white, white, white.
Aveeno: White
Table of contentts: white
Revlon: White. I don't know, she could pass as black.
Vichy: White, blue-eyed
Marc Anthony: white, white, white
Editorial and L'Oreal: white, white
Juicy Couture ads: white boy, white woman
Aveeno ad: Unsure! Olive skin.
Makeup-tip: White, blue-eyed.
CoverGirl: white
Beauty Talk - Hair update: Black! White, white, white, white white, Asian, white, white,
More Beauty talk, on lipsticks: white
Covergirl: White (Drew Barrymore)
Alizabeth Arden: White
Michael Kors interview: Black woman on the runway, white, white, white, white, white, white
Calorie Confusion: white
Geox: White
J'adore Dior: White
Smashbox: white
Vera Wang: WhiteGarnier Fructis: white
Hairstyle splash pages! Let's go: white, white white white
It's also time to judge the hairstyles of A-listers: Ginnifer Goodwin, Lindsay Lohan, January Jones, Fergie, Zoe Saldana, Lady Gaga
Hat ad: white model
On hair colours: white. And then we have to judge the hair colour of actresses such as: Emma Watson (white), Isla Fisher (white), Blake Lively (white), Eva Mendes (white), Rashida Jones (white)
John Freida: white
Fitness page: black
MetaboLife: white
Sex column: white guy, white woman, white woman
Birth control ad: White, white, black
Cetaphil page: white
Pantene splash page: White
Dove: white
femMED: white (possibly mixed)
Getting Eco-Fit editorial splash page: black model (in hot pink exercise clothes, running down this lovely fall scenery)
Pantene: white, white, STACY LONDON!!!!!, and a Dr. Jeni Thomas, senior scientist for Pantene (also white)

I gotta say though, Glow magazine also has some nice splash pages of products, and there's an article on good vegetables featuring absolutely no human beings consuming said vegetables. And the graphic setup is done in such a fun, funky way too. See, you CAN have pretty images without the pretty people.

Balea: have no idea! You don't see her eyes, and only a shoulder.
Nutrition editorial: asian...? *flips page* Yeap.
Vaseline: LOL! I can't even begin to describe this advertisement but it's full page and it looks completely awesome and hilarious.
Allude: Look! Legs!
Herbal essences: white, black, asian, white
Diet Coke: It's my favourite funky shot with a black woman and what looks like a full-blown natural afro. Love.
Style splash pages: white, white. White white white.
Tresemme: White hairstylist, working on a white woman.

And now for the fashion shoot with the white emo-looking model. One somewhat medieval looking outfit, followed by a buncha emo-looking oufits, average price range of $100 and the cheapest damned item are a pair of $13 legwarmers from Le Chateau. Seriously? $315 for a BELT? Seriously, $650 for BOOTS?$50 for SHORTS? $340 for a VEST? FUCK THIS SHIT.

White, white, - FOOD! Four pages of food! <3
Dove self-esteem workshop: white
Adacel: White family
Vtech: White mom, white kid
Editorial page on volunteering: white kid
Editorial on newfoundland: a lot of white peop-le, one hapa dude , one asian chick, or two, I can't tell.
Infusion ad: white
Perfect 10 box covers: white white whi- no wait, that's the same model.

And now, Montreal Fashion Week special! Cover: White chick! White, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white dude, white dude, white dude, blacvk dude, white dude, white dude, whitewhite woman, white white, asian chick and asian dude (in this bit talking about Dinh Ba Nguyen! Yay!) whie, white, , white, white, . Oooh, celebrities. More white models. Back cover: white.

Thus concludes Fun with Glow Magazine for November!


  1. Rashida Jones is mixed, actually. Her dad is Quincy Jones!

  2. Oooh, I didn't know that! She looked white. ^^

  3. Ooooo, I especially like Dinh's new collection ~oogles~


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