New Fiction! "By the Storytelling Fire"

I have a new short story out in the Fireside Fiction Quarterly! They have an amazing selection of short fiction available online, but my story, "By the Storytelling Fire" is only available in the print quarterly, which you can get by subscribing to them for just $10 a month! You can also get it by buying it as a $5 back issue; I'm in Issue 63.

It's a beautiful print issue, with illustrations by fantastic artists and so many excellent writers like Brandon O'Brien and Sheree Renee Thomas! I'm very excited to be part of the Fireside oeuvre ^^

"By the Storytelling Fire" is about two people telling each other fairytales that may or may not be about themselves. One is a remix of Sleeping Beauty, examining consent that is not given in the original tale; the other is a tale of an illegitimate prince who rejects toxic masculinity. 

I wrote this for my final week of Clarion 2016, and I'm so glad it's out in the world! I hope you like it!


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