Forthcoming publications

I don't usually announce when I've signed a contract, and tend to announce future publication news only when I have a Table of Contents to share, but it's coming into the last quarter of 2016, and I'm putting together my CV and had to count up my forthcoming publications. The other day I thought I had three. But no, upon further reflection, I actually have four. 

"Mana Langkah Pelangi Terakhir," translated one way into "Where Is The Rainbow's Last Step," will be out in the Fall issue of Interfictions Online. It is about what might happen in our world where, if enough people dream the same thing and relate the same stories enough times with enough conviction, even if it isn't true or possible, it will come true. Our heroine is a journalist trying to make sense of this in light of a colleague's re-appearance. I tend to forget about this one because it's already fall so I kind of think it's already out, except it's not, just yet! 

"A Name To Ashes" will be in Hidden Youth: Speculative Stories from the Margins of History, the follow up to Long Hidden, edited by Mikki Kendall and Chesya Burke. A young clerk joins the Chinese Imperial Commission to investigate the coolie trade in Cuba and find a missing sibling. It is inspired by Lisa Yun's The Coolie Speaks.

"The Reset" will be in Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation, edited by Bronte Wieland and Phoebe Wagner. A young grad student is caught up in her professor's unfortunately successful experiment to 'reset' the world to its physical state 30 years before, and she observes and deals with the consequences. This was inspired by a conversation I had with my father. 

"The Last Cheng Beng Gift" is my latest sale, and to Lightspeed Magazine! Written in my first week of Clarion, this story is about a matriarch in the afterlife who receives an unsatisfactory Cheng Beng (or Qing Ming) gift from her wayward daughter. Apparently "disappointing children" is a recurring theme in my fiction! Perhaps that can be the title of a future collection. 

I'm all giddy for when these stories come out so I can share them!


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