New Short Short Story Publication: Anak Sungai

A short short story I wrote, "Anak Sungai," is now available to read at Truancy #2. Truancy is a venue for fairytale re-tellings, re-castings, re-creations.

I share a table of contents with the incredible Vajra Chandrasekera, fellow Malaysians Eeleen Lee and Sukhbir Cheema, and the lovely Mari Ness and Sarah Yasin!

"Anak Sungai" is what my friend Munira calls "cerita rakyat moden." "Cerita rakyat" more properly translates to "folktale"; a direct translation is something like "tales of the citizenry," ha! It's the story of a river going out to sea. The animal names are in Malay, because I wrote this first and foremost for the audience that reads Malay and English at once!


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