Grooming Habits: The Poop Edition!

My friend Talulah Mankiller recently wrote a post about pooping. Namely, her troubles with pooping in public poop places and how she got over that. I was deeply amused about her reticence to poop in public places, because my BFF and I, when we lived in the university residences, we had a similar problem, but in the opposite way.

Being that the rest of this post is about poop, readers who can't stand to read about that sort of thing are advised to move on!

We lived in a tall residence. Each floor had 4 suites for undergrad housing - each suite had one double room, four singles, one shower, one washroom, I guess so if someone's showering, everyone else can still go pee.

There are, of course, problems with 6 people sharing one washroom, and that being the problem of smell. After taking a dump, some of us took to spraying air deodorant into the washroom, as if that actually made the problem any better.

I am not naturally a reticent person about bodily functions. People poop, pee and have all sorts of snot in their bodies which is gross. I come from a family where we constantly had reading material next to the toilet seat. My parents, when they void themselves, often keep the door ajar.

However, there is just something about the possibility of the lingering smell after voiding oneself that was simply not on. My BFF and I shared this idea that it was somehow embarrassing to use the dorm washroom to poop in.

Also? The dorm washrooms were not particularly attractive. You'd have to take your chances with the toilet paper - we ran out of toilet paper at alarming rates.

Fortunately for us, the residences plus several other buildings on campus are connected to each other! Whenever we felt the need to take a dump and happened to be online, one would ping the other and say, "I need to use the Sobey's washroom."

The Sobey building is mostly used by Commerce students. It was funded by the Sobey Corporation of Atlantic Canada. It has pretty washrooms! And the toilet paper there never runs out. Not only that, but we could mosey on down and take a dump, and if other people came in after us, who could they possibly suspect of having left behind that foul smell, if any?

Also, being that going down to the Sobey washroom might also entail the start of moseying around the rest of whatever campus buildings were connected, it became a way to bond with my BFF. Public washrooms, when empty, are pretty creepy to be in! But when you have a BFF there to chat with you, somehow it all seems better! And we would chat about anything - classmates, school, friends, family, or just random stuff as one might discuss with BFFs.

Once we were done, we would mosey on back to our rooms, secure in the knowledge that no one knew we had gone to void ourselves, we hadn't contributed to our suites losing more toilet paper, and if poop clogged the toilet, it was no fault of ours.

And that was our thing for the two years we lived in residence, folks! Good times.


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